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All articles displayed on this website are in Hindi language.




“The Glory of Sports” is a collection of true incidents happened in the various sports competitions. These incidents give a clear insight into the minds and souls of those dedicated and honest people who were true sportsman.



These article feature human characters like you and me, yet they are far-far above us, because of their unflinching honesty, sportsman spirit, endurance, skill and above all their humanitarian view point. Let us pay a true tribute to these glorious noble souls by reading their account and try to be as spiritful and honest in our life as those great people were



A.T.Zakir has subscribed very well in sports writings in Hindi and English both languages. He has worked for several years as special correspondent of the three leading English sport’s weeklies of India.



The Glory of Sports are the true incidents which took place in various sports and for something or the other they are remembered as the unforgettables. In this gallery of articles you will find extra ordinary people, extreme conditions, top honesty and great sportsmanship.

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